The Tiny Cat Project


What started off as a random exercise in hand building has turned into my new ceramics project, The Tiny Cat Project. Using different clays, slips, glazes and the diversity of cat colorations as inspiration, I have been making hundreds of tiny cats since April. My first batch of one hundred cats sold out at West Coast Craft back in June and since then I have completely a second batch, which is now available in my shop. It includes solid colored cats, Siamese and calicos (my favorite to make). The current batch in the works includes more color variations with slip (torties and tuxedos!), marbled clay (tabbies!) and some crazy spotted patterns (cheetahs?), so stay tuned for more tiny cat additions in the future.


The Intertidal Collection: Pet beds inspired by the sea

Siamese Social Club-69 copy.jpg

Originally inspired by all things nautical, our coiled rope bed has finally been joined by equally seaworthy covers. Our newest Intertidal Collection is made of yarn-dyed linen blend fabric, with a soft feel and rustic texture. Available in four shades that evoke the seaside: shell, sand, oyster and slate. Now available in our shop.

Photography by  Kayleigh Kosmas

Photography by Kayleigh Kosmas