The Only Tool You Need to Clean Your Cat Bed

Back before I fell in love with the Redecker Pet & Lint Brush, I was subjected to cleaning our cat beds and furniture with the vacuum attachment—which meant they were only cleaned whenever I got the vacuum out (read: not enough). Occasionally I would use the lint roller, but would end up going through half the sheets before I got rid of all the hair. I even used a pair of rubber cleaning gloves, which worked like a charm until I accidentally smeared rust residue all over the couch. Enter the Pet & Lint Brush. Handmade of beechwood and natural rubber, this brush looks so good I like to "forget" to put it away just so I can look at it. The rubber bristles pull hair off of fabric surfaces like magic, and best of all, it only takes some water to rinse clean and it is ready to be used again.

Gorgeous, eco-friendly and totally functional—these brushes were so perfect we had to add them to our shop!