Behind the Design: the Quilted Cat Mat

napping on the cherry blossom cat mat

It’s no surprise that cats like to sleep anywhere and everywhere, even if that means on top of the laptop you are trying to work on. In our cozy 400 sq ft apartment I’ve counted nearly twenty sleeping spots that our cats rotate through on a daily basis. While some of these spots are their designated beds (they each have there own, of course), the rest of the spots are seemingly randomly chosen, from the center of the couch to the top of the litter box. And any time these spots occur on fabric or material that collects cat hair, I end up spending a good deal of time cleaning the layer of white and orange hair that has built up.

quilted cat mats in cherry blossom and pebble grey

What I needed was a flexible, lightweight bed that I could strategically place in spots that got the most traffic. So Bollini and I got to work designing a “mat” that could be placed on top of the couch without being too thick, yet be still be comfortable on the bare wood floor. We started with the cushion of the coiled rope bed, which makes an excellent bed on its own, but its slip cover made it less practical on places like the bare wood floor.

quilted cat mats in pebble grey and cherry blossom

After a few modifications to the shape and stuffing thickness, we were satisfied with the mat and just needed to find the perfect fabric. We chose a beautifully lightweight, Japanese double gauze for the top, and a practical and equally lightweight organic muslin for the bottom. The colors were inspired by the Japanese springtime cherry blossom festival and the colors of pebbles in a mountain stream after the winter snow begins to melt. Never thought a cat bed could be so deep, right? 

quilted cat mats in cherry blossom and pebble grey

The finishing touch was the quilting design, which functions to hold the stuffing in place when the mats are washed, and adds a unique touch of detail to each piece. The result is a delicate yet practical mat that can be placed virtually anywhere a cat might sleep. I have found our cats not only sleep on the mat in their usual places, they will sleep on the mat wherever I happen to place it, just like a magnet! 

sitting on the cherry blossom cat mat

You can check the new mats out in our shop here. Happy Spring!