For the love of rope


One of the very first cat products I ever designed, the coiled rope cat bed, was actually the basis for my fledgling handmade business, Siamese Social Club . The look and feel (and the smell! never thought that would be a thing) of cotton rope is so pleasing, I would wrap everything I owned in rope if I could. 

When I think of rope, the first thing that comes to mind is a boat, more specifically the rope coiled neatly on the deck of a sailboat. I love the way it looks in my mind, bleached white in the sun, beautifully coiled into the shape of a circular rug. As it turns out, coiling rope can also be technique used to sculpt three dimensional vessels and bowls.

Similarly to coiling ceramics, the coils can be stacked on top of each other in different alignments creating unique vessel shapes. One of my favorite rope-working artists, Doug Johnston, was the original inspiration behind trying this technique myself. I was aiming to create a wide, flattened bowl, not just because of its similarity to a  ceramic bowl, but because it is the perfect shape for a cat bed. 


While cats have been known to sleep in the weirdest of places, the bowl or nest shape is the one they naturally seek out. A coiled-rope-bowl-turned-cat-bed seemed like the perfect combination to me. I chose a natural, white cotton rope and sewed the coils together with white thread. The result is a soft, yet sturdy, bowl-shaped cat bed that evokes a nautical, simplistic and almost ceramic feel while still being cozy enough for a cat to sleep in. I added a cushion for extra cat comfiness and a removable cover that can be swapped out to match any interior (or cat).

Some of my future rope experiments include hand-dyeing rope with natural dyes, creating different shapes and bed sizes, and expanding the fabric cover collection. As for the cats, they already approve.