Siamese Social Club was founded in a San Francisco apartment by a creative woman and her chatty cat.

Our family had outgrown our IKEA furniture and swapped our futon for beautiful minimalist pieces. Suddenly, there was no room for carpet-covered kitty towers. We searched high and low for cat beds and accessories that worked with the look and feel of the apartment…but found nothing we truly loved.

So we created our own, and we soon discovered there are lots of people just like us: Cat people who want pet goods that seamlessly blend into their modern homes.

Meet our founders

Kristen is a lifelong animal lover who’s obsessed with design. She discovered DIY culture while working on her master’s degree in marine biology (textbooks by day, Design*Sponge by night).

She eventually put her scientific career on hold to share Siamese Social Club with the world. Today, she lives with her husband, toddler daughter, and the club’s two original members.

Bollini, Siamese Social Club’s Chief Feline Officer and quality control manager, is part Siamese — the inspiration for our name. He’s highly inquisitive, supervises every project, and loves modeling our products for photos (there’s often a nap involved, too).

He’s so social that we invited a second cat to join the club and keep him company. Sweet, lazy Roxie lends a feminine sensibility to our product photos and keeps Bollini entertained while we’re busy making every product by hand.


Get to know our goods

Yes, cats will sleep anywhere: cardboard boxes, laundry baskets, on top of the mail. But our thoughtfully designed beds and products are actually for you as much as they are your cats.

These functional, long-lasting minimalist goods are handmade with love — and the highest-quality, all-natural materials we can find. (Think Italian merino wool, organic cotton, and hand-stamped leather finishes.)

We’re also open to collaborating on new products with like-minded makers. Clubs are just better with more members!

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